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The solar powered barbecue grill, a self-developed patent product produced by Himin Solar Co., Ltd, combines the function of barbecue, as well as soup and porridge cooking, etc. It makes delicious foods without the use of fuels. Featured by healthy, harmless, energy-efficient and portable, this solar powered product is deeply favored by consumers. We offer six types of solar powered grills—8555, 7347,6836,6832,6642 and our new type 6032, and they can surely meet customers’ specific demand. It is your ideal barbecue grill when you are traveling, doing outdoor sports, and it is also a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Working Principle
The solar powered barbecue grill is mainly made up of the frame, reflector, indicator needle, and vacuum roast tube. The reflector can reflect the sunlight and refract it on the vacuum roast tube where you put your food. Then the temperature within the vacuum tube will rise up to 350-400℃, thus allowing you to grill foods in no time.

Specification Serving people Type of vacuum tube Type of reflector Reflector area (m2)
Material Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Material
Pico solar kitchen in hand 7342 2-3 Borosilicate glass (With metal protection barrel) 730 90 Reflective aluminum board 0.61
Nano solar kitchen in hand 7347 2-4 Borosilicate glass (With metal protection barrel) 730 102 Reflective aluminum board 0.67
Micro solar kitchen in hand 8555 3-5 Borosilicate glass (With metal protection barrel) 850 120 Reflective aluminum board 0.92
Mini solar kitchen in hand 8556 3-5 Coated steel tube 850 102 High efficiency reflective aluminum board 0.92

BBQ. Prepare the food, and please make sure the meats are separated from vegetables. Then put the foods on the BBQ wire meshes specialized for meats and vegetables respectively.
Boil water. The solar powered barbecue grill is designed with a specialized cup for water boiling purpose.
Cook porridge and soup. Use the specialized pot to cook.

Manual user

Operation guidance

1. Open the lock, and lift the upper part of the solar powered barbecue grill. Then set up the support rod and unfold the reflector. Make sure the reflector is directed at the sun, thus allowing the vacuum roast tube to be exposed to the sunlight directly.

2. Prepare the BBQ food in advance. For example, prepare the brochette; pickle chicken wings and drumsticks; clean vegetables such as potatoes and dab them dry ahead of time. Distribute the prepared food evenly on the wire meshes to make sure the uniform heating of food. Then put the BBQ wire mesh into the vacuum roast tube carefully and cover the lid.

3. Open the lid 15 minutes later. If the food volume is big, rotate it to ensure the uniform heating. After the food is done, take out the barbecue grill wire mesh by a hook and pick up the food using a clamp. Then you can enjoy your food.

4. While boiling water or making coffee, please take out the grill and put the water cup into the vacuum roast tube carefully. Then cover the lid.

Cooking time
Solar irradiance(W/m2) Weather description Meat Vegetable Seafood Water boiling or coffee making
800-900 Sunny with bright sky 18-25mins 10-20mins 12-17mins 20-30mins
600-700 Sunny 25-35mins 20-30mins 16-20mins 25-35mins
400-500 Slightly cloudy 35-53mins 25-40mins 25-40mins 30-40mins
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