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Integrated Solution for Communities (Green City---Global Community that Saves more than 70% Energy)

Commercial property owners are always looking for new ways to maximize their profits and win in the property valuation. Meanwhile, along with the social and economic advances, the pressing need for a healthy, eco-friendly living environment arises among many house buyers. However, the question remains as to how we can construct a green, top-of-the range houses that benefit both real estate developers and house buyers. Charted below may offer an ideal solution.


Customer Needs Solutions Core Products
Added Value for Homeowners House Clean Energy Solutions
PV system is a self-electrified solar power device that distinguishes itself by stable, reliable operation. It can be optimized to suit customer specific requirements. Due to its simplified structure and great cost-performance ratio, many homeowners see it as a preferable solution to fulfill basic energy demands at home for lighting, playing TV and charging the mobile phone.
PV Solar Power System
Lighting System that Generates Zero Electric Bill Public Lighting Solution
In the daytime, our solar battery assembly is used to harness solar energy and stores it within the battery. When the night falls, PV corridor lighting system and PV building board are energized to provide convenience for the inhabitants.
Corridor PV Lighting System
Exotic Lighting for Community Courtyard Community Courtyard Clean Lighting Solution
Community courtyard often employs solar lighting system which is designed not only for its utilitarian purpose of providing light for passers-by, but also to be eco-friendly and pleasing to the eye. This system uses solar energy to supply power to the lights in 24 hours whatever the weather.
Installing of such a system does not require high cost spent in laying out ducts and wires. Users can freely arrange the lighting to add decorate effect to the road landscape.
Solar Courtyard Light, Solar Landscape Light, Solar Lawn Light, Solar Wall Light, Solar Floating Light
Ingenious Lighting Ideas for Community Lighting Solution for Community
An eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing and clean lighting system is now available to integrate the features of PV power generation, landscape art, and lighting. It exists in many forms, including but not limited to PV sculpture, solar lamp, and PV gate. This system is built from the consideration of environment, emission reduction, culture, and future. It highlights a multi-faceted cultural and natural landscape, reflecting the cultural significance and nature beauty of a city while maintaining its lighting functions.

PV Cultural Sculpture, PV Garden Sculpture, PV Gate, PV Fountain
Added Benefits for Energy-Efficient Building

Lighting Solutions for Community Building
Installing the PV assembly onto the exterior of community building benefits inhabitants in many ways. One primary benefit is to supply electricity to end-users. As a functional member of the building, the PV assembly is also seen as a preferable replacement for parts of conventional building features such as roof plates, tiles, windows, facades, and rain shed. It not only cuts down on construction cost, but also adds a decorative touch to the building.
Building-Integrated Sunlight Room, BIPV Lighting System, BIPV Sunlight Shed.
Energy Saving for Community Infrastructure Clean Energy Solution for Community Infrastructure
Public facilities within the community provide gathering places where trivial things of life take place. PV infrastructure is designed from the consideration of living habit of people living in a community. It saves energy and is easy to use, with an aim to improve the quality of community life.
Solar Signage System, Solar Monitoring system, Solar Building Number Plate, PV Pavilion, PV Bench, Solar Dustbin, Solar Parking Lot, Solar Energy Charging Station.