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Himin Solar Co.,Ltd addresses the global concerns of rising energy costs and environmental protection through our developments in the use of solar energy. With our more than 22 years of experience in solar heating systems and solar power, Himin Group's products range from solar water heaters, solar collectors, solar panels, and split solar water heating systems, to solar lights and PV lighting products, to name a few. We also provide solutions for solar hot water heating projects. Clients can rest assured, as our products are in high quality.We have obtained the ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18000, CE, TUV, OCEANAMARK, SRCC, CCC, SOLAR KEYMARK certificate.

A typical Himin solar water heating system is composed of solar thermal collectors (evacuated tube collectors/solar panel), pumps, heat exchangers, controls, and one or more solar water storage tanks. Our solar heating systems are designed to provide solar thermal energy for: domestic solar water heaters, solar space heating, and solar pool heaters, and they have been developed to meet the need for large quantities of hot water by commercial and industrial buildings, schools, military bases, and prisons that provide hot water for bathing, cooking, laundry, and space heating. The series PV lighting products are used as solar streetlights, and our solar garden lights decorate cities worldwide.

Though solar heating systems have become attractive options in the home and in business, Himin Group is focused on improving solar-heating technologies to make them even more efficient and affordable. We place much emphasis on using only superior raw materials (eg., evacuated tubes, solar PV module, spare parts) for our products to ensure their durability and high quality. We have established a professional testing center and team for quality control, conducting solar thermal analyses of the solar water-heating systems that function in different climates for a wide variety of applications.

With an annual production capacity of 3 million water heaters, 20 million evacuated tubes, and 500MW photovoltaic products, Himin makes solar heating systems and solar power products more accessible to the average consumer all around the world. Our markets include Germany, America, Canada, Britain, Australia, Spain, Russia, Brazil, and Malaysia, just to name a few.

In 2010, Himin will hold the Fourth International Solar Cities Congress. We welcome global customers to visit our company in Shandong, China. Himin Group looks forward to developing new relationships by partnering with others in the environmental community, and to building a green, healthy world through the adoption of solar heating systems.

We have developed a successful Solar Valley in a city of nearly 7 million people (an hour and ten minutes in fast train from Beijing).  In Solar Valley, 70% of the population use solar energy to heat their water and power their streets lights.

Huang Ming, the Chairman of Himin Solar, is one of the leading solar / renewable energy entrepreneurs in the world, inspired by the likes of President Jimmy Carter.  Mr. Huang has won the Alternative Nobel Prize-the Right Livelyhood Award , mostly for passing the first Green Law in China and for his breakthrough “light” technology in Solar panels. Himin Solar has a substantial share of solar products sales in China. Other leaders in solar development have been guided by Mr. Huang’s counsel, including the ones from China and overseas. 

Goldman Sachs was an investor of Himin Solar, spending nearly US$100 million to support the initial creation of the Solar Valley.

Now Himin are creating energy-saving buildings with integrated solar heating, solar tubes, solar panels, solar cross-season hot water storage, energy saving windows and others. The buildings have very good envelop insulation, where the inside temperature can reach to 16-20℃ with the helping of solar heating when the ambient temperature is minus 0 in freezing winter.