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Sustainable Triple Recycling Model of Renewable Energy

With 13 years' dedication to solar industry, Himin studied and summarized a model for renewable energy development, by which Himin soared even without governmental supports. Therefore, on May 5th, 2005, Mr. Huang Ming, Board Chairman of Himin Group as an invited guest, attended the 14th UN Conference on Sustainable Development by invitation, to introduce this model and commercialization of the solar industry development in China to the world, solving the long-term difficulty in solar development overseas, that is, to develop without depending on governmental incentives.

Recycling ① – enterprise and market: Enterprise investment in public activity benefits both the enterprise and the market

The enterprise will, for its development in a new industry, invest more to build market. Making endeavor to initiate industry and spread knowledge, the company will be known widely and get more share, the more it invests, the more it gains, then the stronger the market will be, which forms a positive cycle between the enterprise and the market.
In the 1990s, when 99% of consumers did not know what solar energy was, and our country, in no exception, did not have many support policies on this industry. Himin, as the initiator of Chinese solar energy industry, launched a widely influenced solar education in public, such as solar spread journey, issue of solar paper freely, social activities of environmental protection, solar gardens throughout the country, etc.
Thus the society via Himin accepts solar energy, and at the same time, Himin is widely known by tens of thousands of households. In recent two years, Himin has promoted solar energy to an amount of 2 million square meters, the same as the total amount of EU and twice as that in North America.
So the more spread, the larger market share is, and then the more products are sold, consequently, the more profits enterprises can earn. The activities, such as signing for environmental protection by thousands of people, the promotion of legislation, and so on, not only win a larger market for the company's development but expand the market itself.

Recycling ② – enterprise and industry: Resonance effect

Enterprise to industry is what tree to forest; both of them influence each other greatly. Making efforts to enhance, the enterprise, meanwhile, upgrades the industry, which, for the same sake, will provide better resources for the enterprise to grow up.
When an enterprise, getting no nutrition from the poor industry, starts to spread knowledge related to this industry and create new industrial system, it actually plays the role of promoting industry image as the leader. From the recycling ①, the enterprise, launching market by scientific education, has access to the sustainable development.
Although the cost is great, the return is potential. It stimulates enterprise to expand production, improve solar system, etc, which, in turn, enhances the industry. Strengthened in core competitiveness, Himin, in solar area, is more solid in the status to improve current situation of China solar industry. The second recycling, to sum up, is, the sustainable growth of commercial interests of the company, not only meets the demand of the enterprise, but, directly or not, upgrades the industrial level.

Recycling ③ - enterprise and environment: Butterfly Effect

The enterprise, through recycling ① and ②, opens solar market and gets more customers, which will solve problem of employment as well as save conventional energy sources for reduction of massive pollutant discharge. This impact is not static, it functions like cycles automatically and can be expanded gradually, just like the butterfly effect.
For instance, Mr. Huang, Board Chairman of the Group dedicated to the solar world, got supports easily on the proposal of Renewable Energy Law of P.R.C., as Himin and solar industry soared in China in a very short time, which, in conclusion, is the influence from the enterprise to the environment.